Q-Stress Cardiac Stress Testing System

Q-Stress Cardiac Stress Testing System


Through innovative technologies and a smart design, the Q-Stress Cardiac Stress Testing System solves common challenges associated with the successful acquisition and interpretation of cardiac stress testing exams.

Better by Design

  • Simple Navigation with intuitive menus
  • Button driven commonly used test functions
  • Vitals Dashboard displays key vital signs
  • Continuous QRS Averages
  • Context View of the entire test
  • ST Display with graphical trend
  • Graphic Trends Display with HR, Mets, BP and ST changes


  • 24-inch touchscreen interface with protocol-driven, pre-defined drop down menus
  • Wireless Acquisition Module (WAM)
  • 12-lead ECG interpretation for adults, adolescents and children
  •  HL7 and DICOM® bidirectional connectivity
  • Source Consistency Filter designed to remove noise and maintain ECG integrity
  •  Patient prep screen to test electrode connections

Why Q-Stress?

The Quinton Q-Stress has long been associated with dependability, accuracy and superior performance.  Our VERITAS™ technology offers exceptional accuracy in real-time ST-segment monitoring, arrhythmia detection and resting ECG interpretation—delivering critical data through each stage of the stress test.  You can examine historical ECG data throughout the exam with real-time full disclosure.   Also label, store, print & review events on the fly and include them in  the final report.   All in the impressive 24-inch full color display.

The Q-Stress is available with or without the treadmill. Please ask us if you can use your existing TM or if you need a new TM for your system.

TM55 and TM65 Treadmills


Clinicians around the world rely on our treadmills. Your patients will appreciate the solid and secure feeling the TM55 and TM65 treadmills provide, while you will appreciate how easy and safe they are to use.  Our treadmills have very few moving parts allowing easy maintenance and minimal downtime.

Primary Benefits

  • Ease of use — The treadmill is easy to operate and whisper quiet at all speeds.
  • Control — The Ultradrive system is designed for smooth power and accuracy even at the slowest speeds and the heaviest weights (up to 500 pounds).
  • Integration — TM55 and TM65 treadmills are compatible with Q-Stress® and XScribe™ stress testing systems.
  • Optional side rails provide safety and balance.

A Comfortable and Quiet Treadmill Experience

  • Easy-to-read cardiac stress systems make it simple for you to start, control and stop the treadmill.
  • Clear displays let you quickly find test duration, speed and grade.
  • The stress system allows you to bring your patients to a comfortable stop, gradually reducing speed and lowering the grade to zero.
  • Optional rapid deceleration capability is available for the times you need to slow and stop the treadmill quickly, such as stress echo peak exercise imaging.