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Why Double First Medical?

Double First Medical is dedicated to providing the best medical and diagnostic cardiology equipment and supplies for our customers to care for their patients.  We are a part of YOUR care team and want to help you provide the best patient care by improving the quality of your diagnostics and the ability to interface that information into your medical records.  This includes diagnostic equipment, physical exam equipment, vital signs monitors, ECG, Stress, Holter, and other medical supplies involved in your daily patient care.


Innovative Equipment

With so many products on the market, it's hard to stay on top of what will work best for your patients. We stay up to date on the most innovative AND effective options available.

Dedicated Support

We're not trying to sell you on a product. We work with clinicians to form a plan to improve workflow and patient care. We are there from the start thru installation, training and beyond.

Comprehensive Solutions

We consult with you and make sure our recommendations meet your needs. We propose a solution with several options and work with you to see what fits in the budget.

Proven Expertise

We have 25 years of experience in the healthcare field, with proven expertise that you can count on. We also consult from the pre-construction phase of a new facility to upgrades and remodels.

H3+ Holter

HScribe Holter System

VisionExpress Holter System

TAGecg Brochure

Diagnostic Cardiology Suite

ENG REV 1 ELI Security Brochure

ELI280 ECG Spec Sheet

ELI380 ECG Spec Sheet

ELI380 ERGO ECG Brochure

Quinton Q-Stress Brochure

Quinton Q-Stress & TM55 Spec

Connex Vital Signs Monitor

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