ENG REV 1 ELI Security

ENG REV 1 ELI Security

Data security is a growing concern for healthcare organizations, and for good reason! When medical records are breached, healthcare providers suffer damage to their reputation and character, loss of patient trust, and often face severe financial repercussions. Many CIOs now consider data security as one of the most critical issues they face in healthcare today.

This threat is very real, regardless of a healthcare organization’s size, affiliation, or prestige. In fact, in September 2014 a major healthcare provider reported that the medical records of 20,000 emergency room patients had been publicly accessible online for nearly a year.

In another report, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services stated that there were 207 reports of breaches involving 500 or more healthcare professionals in 2010 alone, and these breaches affected more than 5.4 million individuals.

Mortara recognizes the importance of effective data security when it comes to patient health records. We understand that medical devices such as electrocardiographs should be subjected to the same security regulations as healthcare information systems when it comes to Protected Health Information (PHI). In order to assist healthcare organizations in fulfilling their security requirements with regard to PHI, we are pleased to introduce additional safeguard features across our newest ELI™ resting electrocardiographs.