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ELI Resting ECG Equipment


The ELI Resting ECG Equipment series was designed with patient care in mind.  Through innovative technologies and a smart design, this System solves common challenges and gives you an automated and error-free workflow along with peace of mind.

Better by Design

  • Streamlined barcode workflow eliminates steps and reduces manual entry.
  • Glass capacitive touch keyboard and ERGO display promote a cleaner, safer environment. 
  • Follows ACC, AHA and HRS recommendations for baseline filtering (0.05 Hz).
  • Exceeds ACC, AHA and HRS upper frequency cutoff (300 Hz) for adults and children.
  • SECUR-it feature promotes safeguarding of patient health information (PHI).
  • Mortara Critical Test Results help quickly identify high-risk patients.
  • Barcode scanning for increased accuracy of patient demographic data.


  • 17″ Full color screen for easy visibility. 
  • ELI 380 with optional ERGO swivel (180 degrees) and touchscreen display.
  • Wireless Acquisition Module (WAM).
  • 12-lead ECG interpretation for adults, adolescents and children.
  •  HL7 and DICOM® bidirectional connectivity to your EHR and PACS.
  • Glass surfaces on capacitive touch keyboard and ERGO display simplify cleaning.
  • 20 minutes of full disclosure allow you to pick your strip from the display. 
  • Use Best 10 to automatically select the cleanest 10 seconds of data.

ELI 380 Resting ECG

The ELI 380 Resting ECG machines are designed for high volume critical care environments.  From the rugged case design, the 17″ full color screen, Wireless Acquisition Module (WAM), Best 10 seconds, glass keyboard, and easy patient information entry, this machine has it all.  You can download the patient order or find the patient by ADT or just scan their patient ID with the barcode scanner.  Missing the ECG wave form you wanted is no longer an issue with the 20 minutes of full disclosure, which allows you to pick your 10 second strip from the display.  Critical Test Results gives you confidence that there will be an alert on the screen to help identify high risk patients.


ELI 280 Resting ECG


  • 10.1″ high-res color touchscreen shows all 12 leads of data.
  • Captures Best 10 seconds of ECG data from memory, reducing the need for repeat ECGs.
  • VERITAS™ algorithm uses age and gender-specific, adult/pedi criteria for interpretation.
  • Optional wireless data acquisition module (WAM) increases workspace flexibility.
  • Supports pacemaker spike detection with 40,000 sps/channel data capture.
  • Proper hook-up confirmation by detection and display of lead reversals.
  • HL7 and DICOM® bidirectional connectivity to your EHR.

The ELI 280 Electrocardiograph provides across the board functionality in a portable, touchscreen device.  The easy-to-use device is designed to meet the demands of high-volume ECG environments in both acute care and physician offices.  The widescreen data layout allows easy menu navigation, fast entry of patient information and verification of proper electrode connections. It offers proven ECG performance, digital integration and VERITAS™ algorithm accuracy for a more confident interpretation. Choose between the innovative WAM™ wireless acquisition module or the AM12™ acquisition module.  Both include replaceable lead wires, lead fail indicator and remote control with buttons for ECG acquisition and rhythm printing.

Looking for ECG in a PC Based Solution?
Diagnostic Cardiology Suite has you covered.


Diagnostic Cardiology Suite

The Welch Allyn Diagnostic Cardiology Suite now includes ECG and spirometry capabilities, helping you shorten the path to diagnosis for better patient outcomes. Simplify clinical workflows, reduce manual data entry and lessen complexity with one device that can perform two reimbursable tests. Our flexible platform allows you to adapt the Diagnostic Cardiology Suite to meet your clinical needs—whether you want to perform both exam types, or prefer standalone resting ECG equipment or a spirometry solution. We combine operational experience with clinical excellence to bring you one solution for two critical exams—because simple is smart.


  • Wireless acquisition with the Wireless Acquisition Module (WAM) for easy ECG workflow.
  • Supports DICOM® and HL7® communication to your EHR.
  • Securely control user logins, assign user roles and access audit trails for better data security.
  • ECG complies with ACC, AHA and HRS recommendations for adult and pediatric patients.
  • Easily access prior spirometry exams to monitor treatment plans over time.
  • Help perform spirometry exams correctly with an incentive screen to show your patient.
  • Save PDFs to any network folder for easy access.


  • Diagnostic Cardiology Suite ECG and spirometry applications launch directly from the EMR.
  • Instantly verify spirometry exam quality and test performance.
  • Captures Best 10 seconds of ECG data from memory, which helps reduce need for repeat ECGs.
  • Utilize one device for spirometry and ECG exams for a common setup and workflow.
  • Streamlines your workflow by capturing and saving an ECG in as few as two clicks.
  • VERITAS® ECG algorithm limits filtering to help show critical waveform data for better diagnosis.
  • Repeatability criteria provides feedback and opportunities for exam coaching

ELI 250c Resting ECG


  • High-resolution color display offers 12-lead ECG preview and post-acquisition review.
  • Choose between WAM™ wireless acquisition module or the AM12™ acquisition module.
  • VERITAS™ algorithm uses age and gender-specific, adult/pediatric criteria for interpretation.
  • Individual buttons for ECG acquisition, rhythm printing, ECG transmission and order retrieval.
  • Chest and limb lead reversal indicators to alert clinician to lead error.
  • Communicates with the Mortara ECG Safe™ cloud-based service.
  • Includes pacemaker spike detection with high sampling rates. 
  • Supports DICOM® and HL7® communication to your EHR.

Compact and lightweight, the ELI 250c Electrocardiograph provides functionality in an easy-to-use, portable device.  Multiple connectivity options ensure patient data transfers easily from the ELI 250c to the location of your choice.  Experience the benefits of bi-directional communication via internal modem, LAN or WLAN with Mortara’s E-Scribe™ and Athena products.  Also, to third-party EMR, HIS, and PACS systems via XML, PDF and DICOM®.  Best 10 technology helps capture the best 10 seconds of ECG data from system memory, reducing the need for repeat ECGs. Wireless data acquisition helps increase workspace flexibility by gathering 12-lead data without the need for a tethered cable.